The Wright Man For The Job

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With Kevin Pietersen & Andrew Flintoff out of sight for the moment, our favourite Englishman, Luke Wright, will have to assume more responsibility for England's current suffering batting order. -It's time for you to shine.

Even though England has struggled in the opening two ODI games against Australia, Wright did his part by scoring 38 off 27 balls at the Brit Oval and 20 off 19 at Lord’s. But there is a lot more to this man. He even bowled 10 overs for the last game.

Having been tried as an opener with limited success, Wright is enjoying a more familiar role lower down the order, but insists he would play the same way regardless.

The KP & Flintoff absence:

“I have been fortunate in that I’ve always been told to go out and play my natural game in one-day cricket - to go out, strike the ball and have a lot of intent - so from my point of view it doesn’t really matter if I am up the top or down the order...It is not something that has put extra pressure on me...You are always going to miss those guys, as we have seen all summer...As soon as you take those guys out of any team you are going to miss them. I am not sure it is going to add any pressure on me or not. I will just play the way I play and hope it comes off well.”

This is his plan of action:

“With the powerplays coming in, you need to be able to hit boundaries at the end...We have seen the Australians have played the powerplay at the death, so it is something you need to do at the end. I have just got to try to stay in that little bit longer to take advantage.” -Just don't underestimate Lee & Johnson.



Purna said...

Can Luke really make you love the Pommies so much Bon?!!

The Cricket Corollary said...

LOL, I support Team Luke, as long as he had a great game then I'll take it as a victory. But because Eng is playing Aus I can't help but side with the Poms. It is imprinted in my DNA to cheer on Aus' opposition.


Purna said...

I vehemently support Aus' opposition too...unless it England or India.

Btw, you have to check out Mark's site. I have a post coming out regarding that.

The Cricket Corollary said...

You do know that you seem to have a bro-mance with Luke.