Same sh*t, different day

Posted on/at 12:00 AM by The Cricket Corollary

South Africa got knocked out of another major ICC tournament... Blah-blah-blah, what else is new?
Biff is back, leaner and meaner and he is coming to get Strauss.

 Now that SA is out who will we support? I'll feel like a traitor if I support England. So it will be either Sri Lanka or New Zealand then. Who ever will make it to the semi's will gain some Saffer support.


Stani Army said...

Pakistan Bon?

Why you think Strauss didnt allow the runner?

The Cricket Corollary said...

He was determined for the win, no matter what. If he wanted to make sure SA got kicked out of the tournament Eng must have won with 11+ runs. I think he wanted that win no matter what.

But as I watched the drama unfold I wondered in the back of my mind if the English Management might have stepped in after the Matthews incident and told him never to do it again, it might have ended well that time but next time it could end in disaster.

I am not trying to make excuses for the loss (if anybody was thinking it). England did out-bowl us and out-played us.

Purna said...

I'm going with SL too.

Are you getting used to the heartbreak as I am? This is becoming ridiculous really!

The Cricket Corollary said...

Such is life.

Anonymous said...

Strauss is a prat but the problem remains Smith's obesity. If he was fit he would not have cramped.

Aditya said...

Support the poms ! they take people who can't make it to the SA XI anyhow!

How many in the English team are true Englishman..4? 5?

you have people from Indian,Pakistani,South Africans,Irish,Aussie origin in their it a lack of local talent or other countries missing out!

i bet other boards can also have their norms relaxed to get more people in their teams from other countries as well!

lets wait and watch!

Now, I want England to win the CT if India crash out today! (which sadly looks more likely! :( )

fordaluvofMorne said...

I love Strauss (not as much as Morne)...

I still don't know how SA and SL lost to ENG...???

My money is on Pakistan but i know in the back of my mind Aus will win! YUCK!