Shahid Afridi Interview

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Gradually you have become the captain of Pakistan?
I know for sure that I am the vice-captain of Pakistan Team. The deputy of Younus khan as far as the Test and One-day cricket is concerned but captain of Twenty20 team.    
Do you feel any pressure to perform the duty of a skipper?
Pressure? Each and every player has to swallow pressure in international cricket. You must know how to perform under pressure situation. I am enjoying every moment in the cricket field. Life is full of struggle and if you remember you are representing 16 crore people, you will have special feeling. I am really lucky and honored indeed, to have played for Pakistan.    
What is your experience so far playing for Pakistan in the last thirteen years?
Every player has to go through success and failure. So did I, I have no hesitation in announcing that I cried more than laughing in the cricket field.    
How do you see the fortune of Pakistan team in this ICC Champions Trophy?
We have got a very balanced side which gives us tremendous confidence of winning the trophy here as well.    
Why are you so confident this time?
It has got many reasons. First of all, our bowling department. They are very sharp. If you go to the history of Pakistan cricket, you will notice that our bowlers have done a great job for Pakistan. I am sure, they will do a great job this time here also. We are ready to challenge any team.    
Will you not be relieved to have Mohd. Asif in your team?
Oh, Yes. Asif is a match winner. He served his ban period till 22nd September 2009. So he will be available. He is fit and raring to go. And trust me he is very hungry to play in international cricket which would be a major plus point for our team's strength.    
Since you won the World Twenty20, people are expecting that you would do well in ICC Champions Trophy as well. Do you agree?
The entire nation would be disappointed if we fail to deliver. We have our self belief which should be transformed into action in the middle. We can only assure you that we are all focused to do well.


Sujith said...

Good stuff there. He won the opener in the CT , good start for him.

On the other hand, I always wonder what's the role of a Vice captain in a team.

Captain: alright oldies , what should we do?

VC : I think..

Captain: Shut the F up boy. Nobody asked you.

The Cricket Corollary said...

That is so true, Sujith.
I wish Smith would listen to his VC.