Calling on the Black Caps

Posted on/at 7:36 AM by The Cricket Corollary

I went prowling in Purna's mind and just realised that England winning has caused South Africa to fall to 3rd place on their Group B log. This means that the Proteas & the Black Caps will need to murder England. Oh shit! Come on Dan, Baz & Taylor, don't let us down.

TCC would like to thank Luke Wright for playing like shit.


Purna said...

I'm scared Bon. I don't like it when these things depend on other teams. Specially with NZ's stunningly bad form.

The Cricket Corollary said...

Me too, me too :'(
Now I have a valid excuse to cheer NZ on.

fordaluvofMorne said...


NZ beating England... ??? reallly??? we will all cross our fingers!

Anonymous said...

New Zealand will beat England.

England's done their bit in this tournament.