Still In It

Posted on/at 7:29 PM by The Cricket Corollary

 Smith is at it again...poor Roelof...

It has been a fantastic day at Centurion. I've been worried about AB de Villiers' form but he seems to be on track now. Parnell, well...uhm... 5 wickets but he still got smashed. 


A good question is: Why did they take the powerplay so late in the game? Trying to steal the shine from Boucher, maybe?

I always enjoy watching SA beat the shit out of NZ. Tomorrow Sri Lanka is taking on England. I will be wearing my blue and yellow shirt. I am not sure if Team Luke will play but I am still rooting for SL.


Purna said...

That shadow pic is cool Bon. Who is it? Did you go to the game?

Why didn't the alien living inside ROFL come out and slap Biff?

The Cricket Corollary said...

You want to know whose cool shadow that is, hey Purna? Dum-di-di-dum....swannyg66

I went all the way to Pretoria for the game. I am taking Pappa to the PAK vs IND match tomorrow. I'll be the one in the SA shirt :D

Purna said...

The pic is cool because you make it cool. Has nothing to do with that loser.

That's right Bon! Represent!

annoymous said...

Smith does get himself caught in some unfortunate situations, it does nothing to help his cause does it.

Anonymous said...

The pictorial evidence is there for all to see, Smith is gay. When will he come out of the closet?