England's woes

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Although I despise Brett Lee, I will admit that he did a fine job for Australia, 5 for 49, even I am impressed. Not only that, but I stand corrected. Tim Paine might be useless as a keeper but he can actually bat, he made his first international half century. 
Luke only made 12 runs with the bat, bowled 6 overs for 26 and didn't take any wickets. Why didn't Strauss let him bowl his full 10 overs? Australia finished with 38 balls to spare, that's why.

We are so fucked

Awe, look at the little baby
I present: The Blowfish
Lee can be such a Paine


Stani Army said...

0-7 whitewash coming up!

England's Ashes win wasn't much to be proud of. Had the Aussies had a fit squad, the Test results would have been similar.

Now they've just given the Aussies confidence heading into the Champions Trophy. Not good as the Aussies are in Pakistan's group.

Purna said...

Oh no..Stani predicted again. I hope you are not wrong this time!

I'm telling you Stani it will be a SA vs Aus final and SA will win.

Anonymous said...

Stani, I am sure hoping for a 7-0 whitewash but - although it was far from a classic series - I would still rather we had won the Ashes. I have to live in the UK, after all :-(

South Africa, here we come!!

The Cricket Corollary said...

I'm still rooting for Pak & WI, Stani.


Anonymous said...

I finally got my OpenID set uP :)

Sad news for Bon's hobbit. He might be out of the 5th ODI.

Natasha said...

He'll be heartbroken!

I think he meant your Blogger ID, Bella.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure it out but I can't get hold of Bon. Is he on top of Mount Kilimanjaro or something? I thought he is leaving on Wednesday.