Broad still injured

Posted on/at 8:30 PM by The Cricket Corollary

I haven't used my evil laugh in such a long time. This seams to be appropriate, though. Stuart Broad will not be playing in the 3rd ODI against Australia. Now you might think I'm insane, because the man played a vital role in England's quest, regaining The Ashes. Don't confuse me for an English fan, friends. Just because I am a follower of Team Luke Wright doesn't mean I am all for England. I do admit that I enjoy seeing Australia suffer. Like I have mentioned to Purna, it is imprinted in my DNA to side with Australia's opposition.


The Cricket Corollary said...

I like Broad.


Purna said...

NO!!! Bella NOOOOOO!!!

Wash her with holy water Bon quick! She has sinned!

The Cricket Corollary said...

Damn you, Bella. First you make people call me a sick-crazy-weirdo. Now you're loving the enemy.