Smith vs Strauss

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"I was cramping quite badly and I requested a runner...Andrew spoke with the umpires and turned it down. He felt that if you score a hundred, you're going to be tired. From my perspective, it felt a touch inconsistent. Guys have got runners for cramps in the past, so there needs to be a degree of consistency there. This is the frustration that we have. I'm not going to sit here and slag Andrew and say that he should have done this or that. The decision rests with the umpires as well. From my perspective, it's just about putting it behind me now. The thing I've learned from this game is that the world's round. It's going to come back somewhere in the game, at some period of time in his captaincy. It'll be interesting to see how he handles it again." -Graeme Smith

"He asked me for a runner because he was cramping. The umpires were not particularly keen to give him one. I felt that at the end of a long game, after a long innings, you're going to be tired. Cramping to a certain extent is a preparation thing. To a certain extent, it's a conditioning thing. I didn't feel that he merited having a runner at that stage. You just go with each situation as it comes. I think the umpires were very uncomfortable with it as well. My personal view is that you shouldn't get a runner for cramps, full stop. That's something for the ICC to look at. I didn't feel he was cramping that badly either. He was still able to run. That was my view." -Andrew Strauss

That's the wrong finger.


Purna said...

Look at him smiling. Bon, do you know where they are staying? I have connections all over the world. I'll have someone pay Strauss a surprise visit!

The Cricket Corollary said...

Cricket teams usually stay at the Sandton Hotel.

Anonymous said...

Smith is sooking again. He should be suspended for attempting to cheat. Strauss is also a proven cheat so this was a case of the two cheating captains.

annoymous said...

What sour grapes, come on people Strauss did nothing wrong, cramp is not an injury, England outplayed us fact. Graeme Smith tried his luck, he scored a great innings but I do think it was a personal glory knock, he knew his job would prob be on the line, if we crashed out and he secured it. We will never win anything with his as captain, Botha is a much better choice but while us saffers continue to treat him like a saint, the failures will go on, will we ever learn. England won because they were the better team. Smith really needs to make way for Botha, until this happens we will never win an ICC trophy

fordaluvofMorne said...

Oh the Shame! how could this happen?

I was so sure SA would win... ENGLAND of all teams... WHY oh WHY??

Strauss would not cheat... he even called Matthews back... that was sweet.

meanwhile pals I'm off to Lanka for 6 weeks :) good times... i don't have access to the internet as I will be travelling around... talk to you when I get back :D happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

Smith should be dumped as captain but not for Botha. He's pinging it again and can't bat.

The Cricket Corollary said...

Bye Morne's lover, I'll miss you. Have a safe trip.

I'm so over this whole thing. Smith isn't that important anyway.

Somewhere, someone mentioned that it had something to do with the Shah incident? Who said it? And what happened? I must have missed it. Knowing Smith Strauss might just be giving him a bit of his own medicine.

Purna said...

No annon, I agree. Nothing overshadows the fact that SA were disgustingly out of form. But the incident just made it worse.

Bon, thanks. Strauss might be injured very soon :P.