T20 in the Olympics

Posted on/at 8:03 AM by The Cricket Corollary

Would you like to see T20 cricket in the Olympics? Well, Adam Gilchrist sure does.

Basicly this is his strategy to spread cricket around the world to non-traditional cricket countries.

"We must actively pursue Twenty20's inclusion as an Olympic sport...It is a great challenge, but what a great and worthwhile challenge...It would be difficult to see a better or more effective way to spread the game throughout the world."

Maybe its a hidden agenda to get his hands on an Olympic medal? Darn it, no, he is retired. But if they do include T20 could he be making a comeback?

"What better way for the IOC to spread the Olympic brand and ideals than on the back of Twenty20 cricket?" he asked.

"If it became an Olympic sport, many countries would be playing cricket for the first time in their history...It should sit at the heart of the ICC's global strategy. In my opinion, every cricket administrator should promote Olympic ambition for our sport."

So what is his thoughts about T20 vs Test cricket?

"To preserve its future, we must make less more. We should go back to the future, with fewer Test matches but more important ones...Twenty20 cricket ... will never ever be or should it attempt to be Test cricket...But as members of the international cricket community, the most important thing is to approach any new development as an opportunity rather than a problem."

Well, I buy it. The more cricket the better.