The fall of SA

Posted on/at 7:16 PM by The Cricket Corollary

Predictable? Not much to say about it. It's not such a big deal over in Safferland. We have been through this so many times.
A quick recap:
  1. Dale & Parny- awesome
  2. Botha -not his day
  3. Roelof agitated -did he remember his Ritalin?
  4. Kallis you suck -me thinks Alfridi likes you
  5. Missfielding -this is a bad sign
  1. Smithy lost the toss
  2. Pak decided to bat (good choice they know our batsmen suck)
  3. Kallis taking his time
  4. Gibbs & AB useless
  5. Duminy.... poor Duminy
  6. The golden Albie rule????? WTF? Someone should have commited suicide
  7. Albie out
  8. Whatever........

Kallis cant watch...Smith has no more nails left