Dale's answers

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Another article from Cricinfo's IPL page2. Here are those that matter:

You have not been able to repeat your Test-match success in the shorter formats of the game. It's said that you haven't learnt how to vary your pace and your length. Do you agree? asked Manny Kruger from South Africa
My domestic record shows I have done okay, but the international level is far tougher. With more games I will start to improve.

Which fast bowler do you think is the greatest of all time, and why? asked Shayar from the USA
With cricket evolving so much it is not easy to make comparisons, but Shaun Pollock and Glenn McGrath in the new era with their records remain legends forever.

Given an option, what would you prefer to hunt down, a croc or Virender Sehwag? asked Ashish from India
Croc. Ha ha.

With the competition being so intense, how do you not pass on information about weaknesses of your country team mates to your IPL colleagues? Or do you? asked Pratik from the USA
The IPL has some of the best players in the world. In our team meetings often I don't even get the chance to say a word!