Future Captain in training

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I know, I have been praising this young lad for the last month. But hey, he is just THAT good. The youngest in the South African squad, who has shown some leadership qualities. He was picked for the SA U/19 team at the mere age of 15. They were playing the World Cup in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately they were outed of the tournament by Nepal. Two years later he was named captain of the squad. He led them to the final but lost to India with 12 runs due to the Duckworth-Lewis method.

"The standout performance for me was the quarter-final against Bangladesh. I scored 57 and took six wickets for eight runs and we won that match by a huge margin [201 runs]. That is a very special memory for me."

This was posted on his blog before the T20 WC started

"There has been a little bit of talk amongst the squad about having flexible plans with both bat and ball one of the elements of surprise we might use is to have a floating hitter who might go in up the order, a pinch-hitter. It might just unsettle the bowlers...Roelof might be the man for the job but I'm hoping the captain or coach might notice me in the team meetings with my eyes wide open! I would love the chance to bat in the top order but you must be patient and wait your turn when you are the junior in the team. Seriously, I am just honoured to be in the squad, let alone the team, and it's an even greater honour opening the bowling with Steynkjie.....
Lord's has also exceeded my expectations. The home of cricket it's very special. Even the warm-up game on Wednesday attracted a crowd of about 10,000. But it wasn't a completely new experience for me. I was asked by a journalist whether I had ever been to Lord's before and I told him: No, but I've played here loads of times. On PlayStation."


Stani Army said...

Yes, a superstar Bon. He's gonna be around for sometime to come.

He needs to stop crying though in order to become captain hehehe

Bon, when you entered your URL on Stani, did you put [www.] in front of [thecricketcorollary.blogspot.com/]

Please try it and let me know if you still have the same problem.

I've input it for your previous comments.

boncam said...

Yep, that seems to solve the problem. Lets hope Smith gets booted so that Botha can teach him what it takes to be a real man.

Stani Army said...

Is Botha a dead cert for all three forms of the game Bon?

boncam said...

Unfortunately he has not played a lot of tests, but he is in the squad. He is great in all forms of the game.

Stani Army said...

Yeah. It's difficult for finger spinners to play the longer form Bon because this art involves a lot of wear and tear on the fingers. Wrist spinners have it much easier.

I think this is probably why Kaneria gets into our test squad. With the emergence of Ajmal and the fact we have Afridi, Malik and Alam, Kaneria is lucky to get in.