The site's future

Posted on/at 7:44 AM by The Cricket Corollary

Here's the high's and the low's about the site's future.....

So I have been thinking about maybe closing this site and opening a new one, with a different name and I will also want to change my screen name. I am getting tired of Boncam. I would like to bring in a new affiliate. I've noticed that there are a lot of fangirls who check out this site... Helllloooo ladies! Anyways, I want to get a co-writer onboard. I already aproached her. She is witty and we share common interests. Like and dislike the same players and she is South African as well, which makes this perfect.

Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

i love your site! please don't close it :'(

Stani Army said...

Is she Graeme Smith Bon?

And what did you offer her? You need to share your tricks.

The Cricket Corollary said...

:O I don't want to imagine Biff blogging

No worries, it won't be closing. I am getting busy with work and stuff, so I got my friend Bella to help out. I am still the moderator. She sends me her post. I'll check it out and put it on the blog. I thought it would be a good idea to get a female's POV. Seeing that there are loads of fangirls hanging out here... *oh yeah, you know who you are.

Stani, I've changed my screen name to Brandon. I had some issues with 'boncam'. (Stuff I can only talk to my therapist about)


Stani Army said...

Biff doesn't blog because his sausage fingers can't hit one key at a time.

Bon, you minx! Aint you gonna give Bella a introduction (and warn her about me)?

You think I should find a female poster too? I'll call her Stella!.....Bon and Bella, Stani and Stella!

So what do you prefer to be called then? Brandon, Bon, Don?

The Cricket Corollary said...

LOL- sausage fingers.

Bon comes from BrandON, it doesnt matter much, mate.

Bella is a lovely las from Cape Town, she likes long walks on the beach, reading a good book and watching some kick ass cricket.

I never fully introduced myself, people just got to know me. Mate if you want to meet women, then you will have to start talking to them. What happened to your polygamous marriage?

Stani & Stella, nice. Unlike you I am all for feminism.

The Cricket Corollary said...

WOW! Hey guys.

Brandon, let this be a lesson to you and everyone else. Neve put the word 'cam' in your screen name.


The Cricket Corollary said...

It sure is.


Stani Army said...


You're trying to get me in trouble. If Es finds out you're giving me advice on meeting women, we're both dead....she plays Aussie rules you know!

"Unlike you I am all for feminism."

When did I say that?! Actually, you're right. I believe in the union of man and woman, anything that disrupts this or gets in the way, I don't like.

The Cricket Corollary said...

Where is your wifey?


Stani Army said...

In the kitchen Bon, where she belongs. Ooooo hahahaha

That's a joke by the way. Purna will come and say it's not but she knows the freedoms she enjoyed whilst we were married....before her marathon with the Soufrican boys that is.

Es has been a bit busy Bon but worry not, she will be back soon....soon as she can work out how to get out of the cellar! I knew those furry handcuffs Purn gave me would come in useful.

Purna said...

Those furry handcuffs were actually a gift from Biff to you Stani. Still love them?