Botha goes mental for charity

Posted on/at 1:43 PM by The Cricket Corollary

I don't know if you guys know this but Johan Botha is a crazy person! Yes, Johan cycled for 24 hours, round and round and round St Georges Park in Port Elizabeth all in the name of charity!

When I do not play cricket, I cycle and I thought this would be an ideal way to raise funds for a worthy cause,” said Johan.

This is the second year that Botha cycled around St Georges Park, his home cricket ground in Port Elizabeth. Botha cycled 211 times around the circumference of St Georges Park, which is a stretch of approximately 2,16 kilometres. He bettered the number of laps he completed last year by ten, covering a distance of 445 kilometres compared to last year 201 kilometres.

During Botha’s two hour sleep break, cyclists from General Motors South Africa, one of the event sponsors, continued cycling on his behalf, recording a total number 259 laps with a distance of 559 kilometres. The funds raised this year will be equally split among three charities - All Hands on Dec, a charity that works to support childhood cancer; the Red Cross Society, a non profit organisation that focuses on healthcare, disaster management and humanitarian values and the Community Chest in Port Elizabeth.

Hop on over to the Chevrolet Warriors website if you'd like to read more or make a donation!

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The Cricket Corollary said...

That is crazy! That's a cool website, I like the sound effects.


Anonymous said...

I wish botha was captain, he is smarter than Graeme who is just the dumbest person ever, and constantly disgraces the country, We should start a campaign Botha for captain, than graeme would be free to spend time with his new man.

Purna said...

Baby J, the campaign's already been started. No worries.

Why can't Graeme do stuff like this?? Isn't Botha younger than him?? He should be ashamed!

The Cricket Corollary said...

People are cathing on to my diabolical plan. Mhu ha ha ha ha ha haa!

Baby J, the campaign is everywhere. There are groups on FB. I've posted a few on the topic and wherever I go I spread the propaganda.


Mary Jane said...

Very True. Biff Hatred has spread remarkably over the past few days. All my friends on FB has joined the "I hate Graeme Smith" group. Congrats Brandon! your evil plan succeeded..:D

The Cricket Corollary said...

Thanks a bunch MJ! It's for a good cause... ;)


fordaluvofMorne said...

NUTZ! but I’m so impressed

Maybe Johan should get jakes and biff into cycling...might help with the weight issue ;)

Bon I'm inspired... I'm going to start a campaign to get Morne back...

The Cricket Corollary said...

You go girl! Send me an invite once you've started.

(Out with Biff! In with Morne!)


Anonymous said...

Jakes and Bouch must have taken tips from Botha, they look super slim, perhaps if Biff got a hotie, not a dud like Jakes, he may lose some weight.

The Cricket Corollary said...

Who would have guessed that Jakes is(was?) actually slimmer than Biff?

I think Jakes is just sturdy where as Biff is more rotund.