Jonty talks Champions Trophy

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Firstly a HUGE thanks to my firiend, Brandon for making me his new co-writer. This is officially my first post.

Jonty Rhodes is favouring South Africa for the upcoming Champions trophy. Now who would have guessed that?(sarcasm) Believing that SA's strength comes from their consistency over the last 18 months. He is also saying that they should keep an eye on Australia and India.

The prize money has been increased to a whopping $2 million.
Yep, thats US$!

I was so excited by the way the Standard Bank South African limited-overs team played in the ICC World Twenty20 in the UK. They are a really well-balanced unit and they are setting standards for the other teams to chase but Australia are written off far too easily, they will obviously be strong contenders, they have a good record in the competition and they know how to win. India are also very good, they've learnt how to travel and win and they have destructive bowlers and hitters in their line-up, home ground advantage is meaning less and less because all teams travel so much now and they've learnt how to win away from home in different conditions. The support of the crowd does make a difference if things go a bit flat and they can lift you, but South Africa won't be relying on that. They'll be relying on planning and getting all the processes involved in winning in place." -Jonty Rhodes

I dont know if I agree with Mr Rhodes, surely Pakistan should get favoured above Australia, right?

Biff being a show-off


The Cricket Corollary said...

Yay Bella. Great stuff.

Ja, I agree, how could Jonty not even consider Pakistan? Could he be playing mind tricks?

I love how Biff's posing with the trophy. LOL He made sure the camera got the trophy's title.


Purna said...

Hi Bella, good first post. Looking forward to many more.

Bon, you will forever be Bon to me :D. And thank you so much for adding me to your blog roll. You are the best.

The Cricket Corollary said...

Thank you.

Brandon, I see where you're going with this and I like it. It's some sort of psychological warfare. First indoctrinate the public that their team stand the best chance of winning then it will automatically rub off on the players.


Stani Army said...

"I dont know if I agree with Mr Rhodes, surely Pakistan should get favoured above Australia, right?"

Bella!!! I'm liking you already.

Purna said...

You added Shakib as your top player!! I love you Bon, I really do!