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Herschelle Gibbs

Morne Morkel

Luke Wright

Mark Boucher

Albie Morkel

Roelof van der Merwe

JP Duminy


Purna said...

The Albie Morkel one and the JP Duminy one are specially awesome! Good job!

boncam said...

Thanks. Will let you know when I finish your requests.

boncam said...

I have added the Hersch one.

fordaluvofMorne said...

Bon these are fabulous!

Morne one is my fave... but the Albie one is amazing...

Esra_Star said...

Bon, my dear you know I love these. The Bouch one is especially cool! But hands down my fav would have to be ROFL. He's too damn funny :)

boncam said...

Thanks guys. Glad you like them. I think I will make some wallpapers during the SA Cricket hiatus.

I recently made another Bouch one. Its more a girlie one. I mean for the ladies. Will add it soon with a bunch of others.

Purna said...

Love it! Specially the fire around his feet :D.

I'll look around for some good Jonty pics. He has loads but they are mostly small..

I am so glad I have you to keep me connected to SA cricket during this looooooong break! Not that they don't need it..but I miss them so :(

Have you ever met any of the Proteas?

Purna said...

Here's the epic Rhodes wallpaper


These aren't bad either..





Damn the dude is hot!

Ooh, I found a cool one of Hersch. He's playing soccer but that's just how talented our bald man is :D


Not that you have to make it into a wallpaper. heh.
Sell them and make money!

boncam said...

Es, I made another Baz one. You will lurvv it.

Thanks, Purna. I will get started on it.

There will be another batch of wallpapers up soon.