Happy Birthday Parnie

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20 today celebrating with the Kent boys

In other news. Graeme Smith has released his book, "A Captain's Diary 2007-2009 ". Everybody has asked me if I read it. Yes. Great stuff Biff! He is back to his old self. (He wasted his money on hiring that life coach.)

Norman Arendse doesn't like that Smithy has critisiced him in his book and might take him to court if the statements aren't removed. (A lot of people already bought the book you silly man.) This is what he wrote:

"The CSA president (Arendse) was becoming more and more involved in every facet of the game," Smith wrote. "I think, at various times, he wanted to be captain, coach, CEO, president and convener of selectors, which became very frustrating."

Smith criticised Arendse for the tour to India last year where he replaced Andre Nel with Charl Langeveldt to keep with South Africa's transformation policy which requires at least six players of colour in a 14-man squad. During this tour Langeveldt eventually withdrew himself from the squad. He wanted to be included for his talent not for the colour of his skin.


Purna said...

Parnie's a big boy! Happy Birthday!

Yeah we are trying very hard to keep the Ashes and Amy's blog alive...not working so well!

Biff is back to his old self you said? Great! More pigheadedness to look forward to!
He hired a life coach? What do life coaches do?!!!

boncam said...

He sure did I wrote about it in the 'Throwing Smith a bone' post...

...Recently, Smith seeked advice from a life consultant, which has helped him change his perspective and attitude. “I had to decide how I wanted to be remembered one day and am happy with myself now. In the past the perception was maybe that I was too passionate and was over-confident, but that should not be mistaken for arrogance...Thanks to our performances the past two years, the team deserves to believe that it can achieve anything. There is no longer fear and conservative thinking among the guys.”