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Purna's top 10 reasons why Botha should be captain

1) Botha's already making fewer mistakes than Smithy did when he first started.

2) He is not egg-headed and is willing to learn.
3) CLEARLY takes his fitness seriously
4)He's not a tense tight ass on the field, which could spread a negative vibe in crunch situations.
5) He, along with ROFL gives SA hope that they have a chance in WC 2011.
6) He doesn't say 'Look' as often as Smithy...it's just so fucking annoying!
7) He can bat and bowl AND be a useful captain.
8) There are 18 Anti-Graeme clubs on FB as opposed to Botha's 5.
9) Graeme needed to break his hand to be a hero...Botha does it with his bowling :P
10) Botha has a smaller chin. It helps with the catching when the ball is close to the ground. I swear..ask Rhodes!

I found some videos I thought I'd share. The first one I dedicate to Missy & Morne-lover. The second is just some crazy Saffers and the last one is from last years CSA Golf day. (There is an interview with Bif, just for Purna. Did he say "ah, look" ?)


fordaluvofMorne said...

Bon dude you are awesome! where do you find these?

I will now forever love KFC...

boncam said...

Funny actually, I was looking for a Johan Botha, Hersch & Robert Pietersen KFC ad. But came across these.

The other ad is better. Unfortunately, I cant find it. I have looked everywhere.

boncam said...

In this ad Johan Botha is trussed up in duct tape (covered with protective padding) and pelted with practice balls by Herschelle Gibbs and Robin Peterson.

Anonymous said...


Purna said...

I just saw this! I am honoured to be included in your blog Bon :D.

A 'ah look' free Bif interview! But not entirely...Jacques managed to throw it in!

I really want to see the other KFC ad. I'll start hunting for it as well :D

fordaluvofMorne said...

ha ha ha... sounds funny... I will also look for it. Although your googling skills are way better then mine.