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Q & A with Johan Botha. This is a very interesting read. His thoughts on being reported for chucking, his captaining skills and of course the Aussies....

Last time we spoke you had just started establishing yourself in the Proteas’ side, now you’re vice-captain, also one of the most successful captains when you have stood in recently, and one of the key players. Tell us about this progression over the last year or so?

"I haven’t actually done anything different, I’ve definitely become more consistent and that’s helped. Also as you get more into a team and feel more comfortable, people start to support you more and that helps a lot. You also tend to enjoy it more and that enjoyment is a huge factor that encourages you to contribute and be more involved. I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly and the team has also been doing well so its been great to be a part of it?"

You seem to have the wood on the Aussies, both in the bowling and the captaincy. Have there been any specific plans against them you can reveal?

"I don’t think I’ve done anything too special. Its more down to consistency and I’ve got crucial wickets early on in all my spells. Generally against Australia I’ve go t wickets in my 1st two or three overs and that’s stopped the batsmen from cracking on, which has really helped. Our fielding side has also been magnificent and that helps a spinner a lot to slow down the runs and create some real pressure."

You were initially called for chucking, worked through it, were cleared, established yourself, called again and now recently cleared. How difficult has this period been?

"I think the worst part is I was starting to get ready for the IPL, I was going to play for the Rajasthan Royals the whole tournament and it came at a very bad time, but I always say everything happens for a reason. I’m back now and I’ve been cleared, and only missed the first portion of the tournament."

Your action has been cleared, bar the Doosra. In all honesty how will that effect your variation and how often do you bowl it anyway?

"I haven’t bowled it much. I probably bowled two or three in the series against Australia here and in Australia I probably bowled around three. So, the whole series I probably bowled around five Doosras. I think I can still slip in the odd topspin or something in the games to come, so its not much of a problem."

Both times you’ve been called against the Aussies, and most bowlers that get called seem to be in games against Australia. There are quite a few conspiracy theories around this, is there any truth in these or is it just nonsense?

"When I got called recently I got an sms from someone that 11 guys have been called in world cricket and all 11 have been recorded Australia, so I think that says something. So I think India’s got the money power and Australia’s got the say in world cricket."

Obviously you’re quite fierce rivals on the field, but when it all comes down how is the vibe with them off the field?

"After every series we’ve always had a few drinks with them and the guys have been really good and we’ve always enjoyed chatting to them."


Oom Koos said...

"11 guys have been called in world cricket and all 11 have been recorded Australia"
-Interesting fact there

Thanks for the link, I really enjoyed this.

Duckworth and Lewis said...

Interesting stuff. Should Botha be the permanent captain?

boncam said...

I would love that. I will still pick Botha above Smith, thank you.