Kuddos to KKR

Posted on/at 1:04 PM by The Cricket Corollary

So finally the Kolkata Knight Riders won a second game. I have really been feeling so sad for them. They have played 10 games and only won 2. But darn it! Did they have to beat the Super Kings? Shit!!!!!!

I am not impressed. WTF!? Albie? He has not been in the best of form.

Well done to Brendon McCullum. A win well deserved. He played brilliantly getting 81. I love watching a game where the captain is actually taking the lead and showing his worth.

I can smell a win.

Next up the Kolkata Knight Riders will be taking on the Rajasthan Royals. I can't wait for this match. Let me remind you that on their previous encounter the match was a tie but Rajasthan Royals won it with the super over.