Johan Botha article

Posted on/at 12:22 PM by The Cricket Corollary

I found this very insightful article on cricinfo.

This article is stating that the umpires reported his doosra. But in the 18 submitted video clips, none showed him bowling it. Botha claimed that he did not even bowl the doosra during that match. WTF?!

Oh yeah, and then it also states this:

Barnes also offered a fact that only a mother and a coach would know. "Johan's arms aren't straight when they hang by his sides. They are naturally bent at the elbow. He has a natural deformity."

Thanks for clearing it all out. Maybe now the rest of the world will stop blaming him, saying he did it deliberately. His doosra didnt make him the player he is. Botha is a great strategical player. He can slow down the run rate in such a short time without the batsmen noticing it. He can bat, he might not be the best. He is also a great captain. Have you seen him when he bowled for RR? Warne came to him and Botha told him where to put the fielders, he then ended up with a wicket (would have been 2, damn misfielding) and a great economy.