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There are 2 lists on this site. The TTC's top players, which is for players who "wowed" me (Brandon). The other one is a list of players that I am not very fond of. Please remember that these are my own personal lists.

This is the first time that I removed all Saffers. Honestly, they did not preform well and they're not playing at the moment so I took them off. If they preform well again I might add them.

Have you ever noticed that I took Jacques Kallis of the list. The reason being that he has lost a lot of weight and I am very proud of him. The other reason is that he has his own charity trying to make children's lifes better. How can I hate him?
I took Graeme Smith of the list once, thinking I should give him the benefit of the doubt. Well, he has earned his place back on.

If you disapprove of the list then you are welcome to try and switch my mind, but come well armed. I am open to anyone who can convince me to add or remove a player.


Purna said...

You missed someone in the 'like list' that you claim to like very much. I'm not going to name him. But his omission makes me very happy.

And take Colly off!

Purna said...

And put Shakib back on.

Unknown said...

Steyn? AB? McCullum? Strauss?(Did I even had jim on?) There has been so many. I change it as the games go by.

Anonymous said...

I think that SA should have kept Elliott, he has guts and got rid of some of the others who are now playing for the Proteas like Gibbs, Smith and Albie. They are the ones who constantly let them down.

Sean said...

You left strauss off the dont like list.

annoymous said...

Happy you took Kallis off, he does seem to be a big hearted guy with his foundation. Lost all respect for selfish Smith, so glad he is back on but have to say put AB back on, unless you have taken him off for his singing, then it is totally understandable.

The Cricket Corollary said...

I took AB off cause he's been out of action and didn't perform that well during the CT, I'll add him when he gets back in action.

Purna said...

Graeme Swann.Or do you like him for non-cricketing reasons?