Brendon McCullum Interview

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When did you come to know that Daniel Vettori will not be able to play the all important final?
After we came to the ground, Daniel said that he won't be able to play.
Which means you did not get ample time for preparation to lead in the final?
 It was a bolt from the blue that our captain will not be able to take the field. It was really a huge blow for the whole team.
Did you miss him as a bowler?  More than anything else, we missed him for captaincy. He has a great knack for inspiration. How will you explain the opening spell of Bond and Mills?
 Excellent. We wanted to create pressure on them. We wanted to reach to their middle order quickly. If we could have five wickets for 100 runs the game could have gone to for different directions. But our total of 200 runs was not enough. We should have scored at least 250.
How will you analyse the Australia's performance?  Incredible, they have got a good mixture of youth and experience. One of the Australia's plus point is their pretty good batting depth and they also know how to play under pressure.
But your team also fought?  Yes we did. Especially, when we had only 200 runs on the board. The way the whole team fought, I am proud for our team.  
Could you tell us something about Shane Watson?
 He took the game away from us. He has improved like anything. I dropped a crucial catch. If I would have held that catch at that time, certainly it would have been a different story. I am responsible for that miss. I started running back but was short by a couple of meters.


Purna said...

He was terrible. Bad batting, bad wicket-keeping and clearly bad captaincy. With Bond and Mills bowling like that how could the Kiwis not believe that they have a chance?
Is Baz really the next captain when Dan retires? The Kiwis have no hope then.

The Cricket Corollary said...

I'm indifferent at the moment. He is crap.

Purna said...

hello, where have you disappeared to?

Sean said...

are you guys still around

Purna said...

BRANDON! Can you just let us know where you are?