Dilshan on the Dil-scoop

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Why are you trying to take this scoop shot regularly?
(Laughs) To score runs at faster pace. Why should I give dot ball to the bowlers?
 When did you start taking this stroke regularly?
 During the ICC World Twenty20.
Because I was asked to open the innings during the ICC World Twenty20.
How did you master the stroke?
I used to take this stroke sometimes back home but I spoke to myself and decided to go for it. Accordingly, I started practising in front of bowling machine which gave me lot of confidence. Firstly, I did practice with less speed. Gradually I prepared myself for regular stroke.
Lot of ex-cricketers are of the opinion that you might lose your teeth if you miss any of the scoop shot. Are you aware of this?
Yes, some amount of risk is there. I am trying to reduce the risk by practicing it regularly. Risk is everywhere in life, yet man has to go ahead.
 People have named it the Dil-scoop.
Yes I know this. I think the media used this name during ICC World Twenty20.
 How do you manage the scoop from a Yorker delivery?
Again, I would say by practicing only. Yorker delivery can fetch wicket for bowler and  I decided to counter it by the Dil-scoop.
 Will you be able to scoop against a bouncer?
I will go for hook for the bouncers.


Purna said...

I wonder how long the Dil-Scoop will last. Hopefully longer than the switch-hit :P.

Anonymous said...

Dilshan is the man. With a plan.