...and the winners are...

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Coach of the Year: Richard Pybus
Groundsman of the Year: Louis Kruger
Scorers' Association of the Year: Gauteng
Umpire of the Year: Marais Erasmus

MTN Domestic Championship Cricketer of the Year: Roelof van der Merwe

Standard Bank Pro20 Cricketer of the Year: Charl Langeveldt
SuperSport Series Cricketer of the Year: Imraan Khan
Domestic Newcomer of the Year: Dane Vilas
SACA Most Valuable Player: Claude Henderson
Domestic Players' Player of the Year: Claude Henderson

SA Cricket Awards

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On Tuesday, 30 June 2009, Cricket South Africa will honour all the Cricket heroes of the 2008/09 season.

Gerald Majola, CSA CEO, said: "These achievements are led by the Proteas who produced the best season by a national team in South African cricket history. Under the captaincy of Graeme Smith, they beat all comers in many parts of the cricketing world, including Test series against Australia and England on their home turfs...Their victorious march has been under-pinned by a structured development programme, leading from grassroots to the pinnacle of the Proteas. Participants in these structures are also going to be honoured. It is most pleasing to see that both professional and amateur cricket in South Africa share the same aim: to pursue excellence at all times...It is going to be a great day after a great season, and CSA is most grateful to sponsors Standard Bank, Castle, MTN and Bakers Biscuits for making it possible not only to play the game but celebrate it afterwards as well."

The day will start off with a Bakers breakfast, being the sponsor of SA mini cricket, they will be rewarding the young amateurs. The highlight of the awards breakfast will be... (yum, there must be cookies for breakfast).... the introduction of the Khaya Majola Lifetime Achievement Award. This will be presented to an individual who has made a selfless and enduring contribution over a lifetime to the advancement of South African cricket.

The rest of the day the Proteas will be playing golf. They will be playing with sponsors, media and celebrities in the CSA Golf Invitational 2009, at Johannesburg Country Club, Woodmead.

Finally in the evening the 2009 SA Cricket Awards Gala Dinner will start, this will be aired live on SuperSport. Last year it was Dale Steyn who snatched up most of the awards...SA Cricketer of the Year, Castle Test Cricketer of the Year, SA Players’ Player of the Year and SuperSport Fans’ Cricketer of the Year.

Lets take a look at some of the catagories and the candidates for the 2008/09 season:

T20 in the Olympics

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Would you like to see T20 cricket in the Olympics? Well, Adam Gilchrist sure does.

Basicly this is his strategy to spread cricket around the world to non-traditional cricket countries.

"We must actively pursue Twenty20's inclusion as an Olympic sport...It is a great challenge, but what a great and worthwhile challenge...It would be difficult to see a better or more effective way to spread the game throughout the world."

Maybe its a hidden agenda to get his hands on an Olympic medal? Darn it, no, he is retired. But if they do include T20 could he be making a comeback?

"What better way for the IOC to spread the Olympic brand and ideals than on the back of Twenty20 cricket?" he asked.

"If it became an Olympic sport, many countries would be playing cricket for the first time in their history...It should sit at the heart of the ICC's global strategy. In my opinion, every cricket administrator should promote Olympic ambition for our sport."

So what is his thoughts about T20 vs Test cricket?

"To preserve its future, we must make less more. We should go back to the future, with fewer Test matches but more important ones...Twenty20 cricket ... will never ever be or should it attempt to be Test cricket...But as members of the international cricket community, the most important thing is to approach any new development as an opportunity rather than a problem."

Well, I buy it. The more cricket the better.

Happy Birthday Steyn-tjie

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26 today

Future Captain in training

Posted on/at 7:35 PM by Anonymous

I know, I have been praising this young lad for the last month. But hey, he is just THAT good. The youngest in the South African squad, who has shown some leadership qualities. He was picked for the SA U/19 team at the mere age of 15. They were playing the World Cup in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately they were outed of the tournament by Nepal. Two years later he was named captain of the squad. He led them to the final but lost to India with 12 runs due to the Duckworth-Lewis method.

"The standout performance for me was the quarter-final against Bangladesh. I scored 57 and took six wickets for eight runs and we won that match by a huge margin [201 runs]. That is a very special memory for me."

This was posted on his blog before the T20 WC started

"There has been a little bit of talk amongst the squad about having flexible plans with both bat and ball one of the elements of surprise we might use is to have a floating hitter who might go in up the order, a pinch-hitter. It might just unsettle the bowlers...Roelof might be the man for the job but I'm hoping the captain or coach might notice me in the team meetings with my eyes wide open! I would love the chance to bat in the top order but you must be patient and wait your turn when you are the junior in the team. Seriously, I am just honoured to be in the squad, let alone the team, and it's an even greater honour opening the bowling with Steynkjie.....
Lord's has also exceeded my expectations. The home of cricket it's very special. Even the warm-up game on Wednesday attracted a crowd of about 10,000. But it wasn't a completely new experience for me. I was asked by a journalist whether I had ever been to Lord's before and I told him: No, but I've played here loads of times. On PlayStation."

The aftermath

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Pakistan was crowned the T20 World Cup Champions. Congratulations. Straight after winning, Younis Khan has anounced his retirement:

"This is my last Twenty20 game," he said at the conclusion of his press conference. "I'm old now for this kind of cricket...This final must go to Bob Woolmer," he said. "He was doing good things with us in 2005 and especially my cricket. I would be very proud if he was alive and sitting with me because he's a very nice guy and was a father figure for us. Why I am captain is because in 2005 - at that time I was not a regular player for Pakistan - he was the guy who all the time was chatting with the chairman and the selectors that Younis will be the next captain. So because of him I have became a captain. I dedicate this final to Bob Woolmer."

Tillakaratne Dilshan was named Player of the Tournament.

Finals coming up

Posted on/at 5:08 PM by Anonymous

So the T20 World Cup of 2009 is coming to an end. The two teams competing are Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Who are you chearing for? I made my decision quite quickly and easily. There was Pakistan who beat SA with not much effort. Afridi pissing Kallis off. But Pakistan made my boys cry. Then there was Sri Lanka... well Malinga, my boy is in the team so I automaticly favor them. Sorry Pak. I tend to stick with one green team. Then cheer the blue. I know it sounds childish. But if you knew the true story behind it then you will understand.

2010 FIFA World Cup

Posted on/at 3:28 PM by Anonymous

Mark BoucherFoul play!

Graeme Smith
Captain Courageous will take the lead.

AB de Villiers

Dale Steyn
Dale, pretend like you're injured.

Mimmicking Roelof -The Bulldog

Posted on/at 7:30 PM by Anonymous

AB de Villiers
AB doesnt have the face of a serial killer

Dale Steyn
Too much Gunther

JP Duminy
Roelfie is trying but JP is too innocent

The fall of SA

Posted on/at 7:16 PM by Anonymous

Predictable? Not much to say about it. It's not such a big deal over in Safferland. We have been through this so many times.
A quick recap:
  1. Dale & Parny- awesome
  2. Botha -not his day
  3. Roelof agitated -did he remember his Ritalin?
  4. Kallis you suck -me thinks Alfridi likes you
  5. Missfielding -this is a bad sign
  1. Smithy lost the toss
  2. Pak decided to bat (good choice they know our batsmen suck)
  3. Kallis taking his time
  4. Gibbs & AB useless
  5. Duminy.... poor Duminy
  6. The golden Albie rule????? WTF? Someone should have commited suicide
  7. Albie out
  8. Whatever........

Kallis cant watch...Smith has no more nails left

Dale' blog

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Interesting read.

What has been going on behind the scenes?
"...Me and Morne went to see the Phantom of the Opera on tour last year and we are determined to go back and see it again later this week because Roelof hasn’t seen it and we want to take him. We just need the slightest excuse to go back to the theatre."

Showing some Wayne love....
"Wayne has had a ridiculous tournament so far. How can he be conceding less than four an over in his opening spells? Phenomenal!... Wayne has bowled some incredible dot balls when the team has needed them. He is a special talent. And an equally special person."

Dale's answers

Posted on/at 7:09 PM by Anonymous

Another article from Cricinfo's IPL page2. Here are those that matter:

You have not been able to repeat your Test-match success in the shorter formats of the game. It's said that you haven't learnt how to vary your pace and your length. Do you agree? asked Manny Kruger from South Africa
My domestic record shows I have done okay, but the international level is far tougher. With more games I will start to improve.

Which fast bowler do you think is the greatest of all time, and why? asked Shayar from the USA
With cricket evolving so much it is not easy to make comparisons, but Shaun Pollock and Glenn McGrath in the new era with their records remain legends forever.

Given an option, what would you prefer to hunt down, a croc or Virender Sehwag? asked Ashish from India
Croc. Ha ha.

With the competition being so intense, how do you not pass on information about weaknesses of your country team mates to your IPL colleagues? Or do you? asked Pratik from the USA
The IPL has some of the best players in the world. In our team meetings often I don't even get the chance to say a word!

Lasith growing hair

Posted on/at 6:54 PM by Anonymous

Found a great little article at Cricinfo ILP page2 on my slinger.

Your knee injury was supposedly miraculously cured in five days by a mystic healer. Will that give you supernatural powers on the cricket field as well?! It was unbelievable how he healed me in five days. I think it helps me and I feel I have magic powers now!

What's the most unusual food you've ever tasted? Teppanyaki - it was really nice. I had it when I went with Sanath [Jayasuriya] to a Japanese restaurant during the IPL in South Africa.

If you were to design your own t-shirt, what words would you put on it? "I've got speed."

Albie Caricature

Posted on/at 6:51 PM by Anonymous

This was especially done for Amy S.

Luke & ROFL Caricature

Posted on/at 11:50 AM by Anonymous

Alright, so yesterday was a public holiday in South Africa. Youth Day to be exact. I honoured Wayne Parnell and all the other young cricketers. Can you guess what I have been doing. I made these two lovely pictures of Luke Wright -The Hobbit and Roelof van der Merwe -The Evil Elf. If there is any other characters you can think of let me know then I will see what amazing art I can produce.

AB & Johan keeps SA victorious

Posted on/at 11:18 AM by Anonymous

As India is heading back home, I would like to congratulate Graeme Smith on winning a toss. Well done, mate, I knew you'd get it right, one day. Good luck with the next one.

Thus far ,South Africa remains undefeated in the T20 World Cup. All thanks to AB de Villiers with his 63 from 51 balls and Johan Botha's 3 for 16. AB snatched the man of the match award for being the only batsman to get a half century. (The woes of a bowler. The batsman being favored, yet again.) Next time, Botha,
next time. If Parnell could get it, then so can you.

Well done to Morne Morkel, who was standing in for a
n injured Jacques Kallis. This just goes to show that South Africa isn't a one-man-team. We played without Kallis and was still able to bag a win.

Bye my beloved New Zeland

Posted on/at 5:23 PM by Anonymous

They have lost it. Sri Lanka won with 48 runs. What happened, ehere did it all go wrong? They will blame it on their injuries, that's for sure. Brendon McCullum the latest victim is suffering from a fractured finger. So it will be Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa,and West Indies going through to the semi-finals.

Hobbit claimed

Posted on/at 8:53 AM by Anonymous

I couldnt claim Roelof van der Merwe as my hobbit:
"ROFL is an elf, not a hobbit. An evil elf who sabotages Christmas presents for children all over the world." - Amy S.

Mark Boucher doesnt fit the part. Brendon McCullum was a better choice, him being a New Zeelander and all. (I know, I know, Stereotyping away.) "Bouch & Baz dont spring to mind when think of hobbits." - Esra Star

While watching the England vs India game, I found the perfect man for the job, Luke Wright. He might not be that short but he is the only one having a Pippin/ Merry look. I am making this official. Luke Wright is claimed by boncam as boncam's hobbit.

When England realised...

Posted on/at 8:50 AM by Anonymous

Blame KP

Gayle vs KP

Posted on/at 8:44 AM by Anonymous

Oh yeah, I am hot.

Mine is way cooler, man.

Best news ever

Posted on/at 8:37 AM by Anonymous

Today South Africa will take on India. South Africa has already qualified for the next round so no stress about having to win.

Good news is that Jacques Kallis will not be playing, instead Morne Morkel is in. So the batsmen will move one place up. Great isn't it. This means that guys like Roelof van der Merwe & JP Duminy will get a chance to bat. I sure hope they wont forget the "golden Albie rule". Even though they are in already, South Africa should still play to win. All my money is on Wayne Parnell.

I will enjoy watching the guys playing against their new found friends from the IPL. Dhoni vs Morkel. AB vs Dilshan. JP vs Malinga.

Cheers India & England

Posted on/at 8:20 AM by Anonymous

England has fallen prey to the West Indies. This after they ended India's chance of winning the World Cup again. I am so happy.

Another win

Posted on/at 5:56 PM by Anonymous

South Africa has crushed the West Indies. Finally, Parnell got his Man of the Match award. (Kallis sucked big time.) Did you notice Smithy's face when he loss the toss, yet again. (Priceless.) I dont know what happened to Johan Botha, but Roelof van der Merwe is excused for not drinking his meds this morning.

Thank you Lasith

Posted on/at 10:15 AM by Anonymous

The slinger is on my fav list. A true entertainer with the smile of all smiles. It's true, his smile will bring forth smiles all around the world.

In yesterday's match against Pakistan he went all out. 3 wickets for 17 runs. Dismissing Younis Khan, the strongest batsman of Pakistan for the day.

On Sunday Sri Lanka will take on Ireland. It's going to be a cracker. Good luck Lasith and thank you for the entertainment.

Symonds heading to Jo'burg?

Posted on/at 9:32 AM by Anonymous

Could Andrew Symonds be heading my way? According to some reports in the media, he just might. The Highveld Lions are keen on signing him. England & India has also shown interest in him. Other countries will offer him more than the Lions but the choice is up to him. He might decide to stay with Queensland. It's hard to say. I wont mind having him in the country. With the domestic series kicking off in October, Symonds will be an attribute to the Lions, who did not won a single match in last years T20 series.

SA beat the host team.

Posted on/at 7:31 AM by Anonymous

South Africa has won their first Super 8 game against the host team, England. SA won with 7 wickets to spare.Man of the Match went to Jacques Kallis for scoring 57 from 48 balls. The woes of being a bowler. I thought Wayne Parnell was the true star, he got 3 wickets for only 14 runs. Why do they always favor the batsman?

The highlight of the game was Albie Morkel's wicket maiden. Roelof van der Merwe caught out Kevin Pietersen on 19.

South Africa vs England

Posted on/at 2:12 PM by Anonymous

Steyn: It's on, bitches!

Profile: Wayne Dillon Parnell

Posted on/at 8:01 AM by Anonymous

(There isnt much info on this young man.)
The youngest Protea in the South African squad. 19 year old Parnell, he will be 20 by the end of July.

Wayne captained the U 19 squad. (Watch out Smithy.) Fast bowler and a decent batsman. (I know, we haven't seen much of his batting skills.)

He was left out of the IPL, but instead headed for England to play for Kent.

Profile: Dale Willem Steyn

Posted on/at 7:37 AM by Anonymous

"My main man - the fastest bowler in the world" -Albie Morkel

Another 'maiq'. Did you notice him on my list?

This is the guy who called the IPL a 'paid holiday'. His favourite cricketer is Allan Donald & he only knows two shots. Shaun Pollock sponsored his shoes (by giving him his hand-me-downs) when he just started playing Test matches.

Dale plays for the Titans & Bangalore's Royal Challengers. Yes that Indian/ South African (with a lost New Zealander) team.

He is the quickest South African who celebrated getting 100 Test wickets. ICC Test Player of the Year 2008, for taking 86 wickets at an average of 18.1 in 14 matches. Usually down, way down the batting card. But he's not such a horrible batsman either. He scored 76 against Australia in Melbourne.