Recovering from yesterday's match

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Farewell Delhi.

I went all the way to the Jacaranda city to watch the 1st semi-final. The favourites of course Delhi Daredevils. Mind you, the Deccan Chargers has never beat them.

Gilchrist played brilliantly. At the end of the day the Deccan Chargers deserved to win lets face it.
AB you sucked big time. What the hell was going on with Dirk Nannes?

Whats the irony? Down the road from Supersport Park is the Bull-ring, Loftus Versfeld. The Deccan Chargers's mascot is a bull. This must be an good omen.

BBF #3

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Cricinfo has a great Albie interview:

What did you tell Morne when you were told you were replacing him for your debut Test?

I didn't really say anything much. Obviously it was a big disappointment for him, but on the other hand it was happiness for me. He was supportive of me on my debut and I was supportive of him since he was dropped. We never really had any sort of competition growing up, as we are different sort of players: he is more of a strike bowler, while I'm an allrounder.

1st Semi-Final: DD vs DC

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Oh fuck off!

Who's the man?

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The only reason why I watched yesterday's game was because of Roelof van der Merwe. He plays with vehement enthusiasm. Van the Man also likes talking to himself. Basicly, he served better entertainment than the performing local bands.

Finishing with a smile

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The Mumbai Indians has lost their final game against the Delhi Daredevils. It was a shame that they did not perform better, but better luck next year.

Albie willing to play the semi's

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He got his knee scanned and it revealed that he has tendinitis. Which is basicly inflammation of a tendon in his knee. Albie says that the day off made a huge difference and that he is willing to play in the semi-final against the Challengers. He also said that he was in a lot of pain and that it became almost unbearable. At the end of the last 3 games he had played he struggled walking off the field.

I wonder what Mickey Arthur has got to say about this. Is it really worth it? Shouldn't he rest some more? We expect him to be in top shape for the World Cup. Michael Hussy seems to be available. Could this be the reason why Albie wants to play the semi?

Here's an interview with Albie by cricinfo.

Albie Revealed

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The reason why Albie has decreased in awesomeness is because he is suffering from a knee injury. He will get a scan later today to determine the extent of his injury. He says that he has been in pain for the last 3 games. It was so bad that after each game he struggled walking off the field.

Albie should rest a bit before the T20 WC. The Proteas will have a training camp on Tuesday and on Friday they will leave for England. Their first game will be against Scotland.

KP showing some love

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Half-bred Kevin Pietersen seems just as loving as the Saffers.

No Albie?

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Looks like the Chennai Super Kings have left out Albie Morkel. I don't blame them. He hasn't been in form lately. But even though he was capable of getting some early wickets, his last 2 overs was always being hit around the ground and filled with wides and a no ball.

Not looking so great, Albie.

Farewell KKR

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Good riddance Rajasthan Royals.

BBF #2

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"I will share my blankie with you"

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During one of the matches, Danny Morrison commented that the South Africans are a very close bunch. This because Mark Boucher and Roelof van der Merwe were snuggling together under a blanket. There has been a lot of jokes regarding the Saffers being so openly intouched with their feelings.

We hang out together.

Yes, we are a tight bunch. We celebrate when we take a wicket. So why should I refrain from showing my happiness? We aren't stuck up and don't really care if you think were softies. We enjoy playing the game.

We support the Springboks too!

Our praise will gratify all who worked so hard to earn it.

I love you man!

Botha 2 Smithy 0

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Graeme Smith has been left out of the Rajasthan Royals. I am gloating uncontrollably.

Fuck! Botha is out for 8. No worries he can bowl too. To be honest I want the Knight Riders to win. I dont want the RR in the semi-finals.

Annoyd by Van the Man

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Thanks a lot Roelof van der Merwe. You arse!

Van the Man gloated after getting his SA & Titan team mate, AB de Villiers, out for 28. But it's not only his fault. AB fell for it. You are so gullible. Roelof you are still quite the entertainer. No hard feelings. The Daredevils will still be going through to the semi-finals. I would not mind seeing the Challengers there as well.

I am starting to think that Jacques Kallis is a bully. When the Royal Challengers were playing against the Mumbai Indians he was sledging JP Duminy and during this game he was also sledging AB. Not cool! I reckon there will be some bad blood in the SA camp after the IPL. Fucking asswipe!

You little shit!

BBF: Best Brothers Forever #1

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Oh, I wanna be on top!

Neeeeee! I'm older!

Kuddos to KKR

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So finally the Kolkata Knight Riders won a second game. I have really been feeling so sad for them. They have played 10 games and only won 2. But darn it! Did they have to beat the Super Kings? Shit!!!!!!

I am not impressed. WTF!? Albie? He has not been in the best of form.

Well done to Brendon McCullum. A win well deserved. He played brilliantly getting 81. I love watching a game where the captain is actually taking the lead and showing his worth.

I can smell a win.

Next up the Kolkata Knight Riders will be taking on the Rajasthan Royals. I can't wait for this match. Let me remind you that on their previous encounter the match was a tie but Rajasthan Royals won it with the super over.

Johan Botha article

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I found this very insightful article on cricinfo.

This article is stating that the umpires reported his doosra. But in the 18 submitted video clips, none showed him bowling it. Botha claimed that he did not even bowl the doosra during that match. WTF?!

Oh yeah, and then it also states this:

Barnes also offered a fact that only a mother and a coach would know. "Johan's arms aren't straight when they hang by his sides. They are naturally bent at the elbow. He has a natural deformity."

Thanks for clearing it all out. Maybe now the rest of the world will stop blaming him, saying he did it deliberately. His doosra didnt make him the player he is. Botha is a great strategical player. He can slow down the run rate in such a short time without the batsmen noticing it. He can bat, he might not be the best. He is also a great captain. Have you seen him when he bowled for RR? Warne came to him and Botha told him where to put the fielders, he then ended up with a wicket (would have been 2, damn misfielding) and a great economy.

AB did it again

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AB was named man of the match for his 79 not out. Taking AB up to second place for the leading runs in the IPL. He has the best average of 67.5 but has still a long way to go if he wants to beat Matthew Hayden's 546 runs. Good luck, man! The Daredevils are still nr. 1 on the log securing their place for the semi-finals. Next, they will be taking on the Royal Challengers Bangalore at Johannesburg.

Botha 1 Smithy 0

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Smith out for a duck! Botha got at least 37. Thats the highest of all the Royal batsmen. Oh and 37 runs more than Smithy's 0! The bonus is that Botha got TM Dilshan out and had an economy of 5.75. So Botha is not only a better batsman but he can actually bowl. Enough said.

Mr Smiley Face

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What is the best part of Lasith Mahlinga's bowling? When he gets a wicket? Yeah man! It brings forth the best smile of the IPL and you can't get enough of it.

The Smiley Award goes to...

Botha for Captain

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Tomorrow Botha and Smithy will be playing for the Rajasthan Royals against the Delhi Daredevils. Botha will show his worth and Smithy will show his inconsistence. Enough said.

Oh yeah. It's on bitch!

Van The Man

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Roelof van der Merwe is the latest must see cricketer from South Africa. He reminds me a little of André Nel and Nel's best friend, Gunther.

He is a very exciting and interesting player. He produces a lot of action and can intimidate the opponent with a glance and a stare. You know you are in for a thriller when Van The Man is coming on.
He is currently in action, playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

I will gut you!

Duminy and his "Foofie"

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I recently found this article. This was funny:

"I have a favourite blanket that I have kept with me since I was two years old. It is something special, something I feel very comfortable with. I need to feel it between my fingers when I'm in bed back home." - Aah, how sweet!

Unfortunately it looks like the Mumbai Indians wont make the IPL semi finals. This is very sad!

Johan Botha's back in action

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Yay! for all the Saffers and all the Johan Botha fans. So Botha has received the green light even though the ICC has ruled his doosra illegal. No matter because he has been included in the T20 World Cup squad.

After being cleared he signed up with the Rajasthan Royals. Oh dear! He is in Graeme Smith's team. I am sure he will keep his head high and perform. Well, at least do better than Smithy. I think I should start a "Botha for captain" campaign. Not a bad idea? Stay tuned!

Yeah Man!

Graeme Smith poking Morne

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Smithy can be such an ass! Shame man. Poor Morne. How embarrassing was that? He seems like such a bully! And then there is this photo where Graeme is trying to force himself upon JP Duminy.