Happy Birthday Parnie

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20 today celebrating with the Kent boys

In other news. Graeme Smith has released his book, "A Captain's Diary 2007-2009 ". Everybody has asked me if I read it. Yes. Great stuff Biff! He is back to his old self. (He wasted his money on hiring that life coach.)

Norman Arendse doesn't like that Smithy has critisiced him in his book and might take him to court if the statements aren't removed. (A lot of people already bought the book you silly man.) This is what he wrote:

"The CSA president (Arendse) was becoming more and more involved in every facet of the game," Smith wrote. "I think, at various times, he wanted to be captain, coach, CEO, president and convener of selectors, which became very frustrating."

Smith criticised Arendse for the tour to India last year where he replaced Andre Nel with Charl Langeveldt to keep with South Africa's transformation policy which requires at least six players of colour in a 14-man squad. During this tour Langeveldt eventually withdrew himself from the squad. He wanted to be included for his talent not for the colour of his skin.

Another Fairy

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SA squad -Champions Trophy

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Cricket South Africa has named the squad for the Championships Trophy saying it would be trimmed to 15 closer to the start of the tournament.

Graeme Smith (capt) -recovering from elbow surgery, might be out for a few games

Johan Botha (vice-capt) -Will be the best captain ever during Biff's time out

Herschelle Gibbs -Currently playing for Glamorgan
Jacques Kallis

AB de Villiers
JP Duminy

Mark Boucher

Albie Morkel

Roelof van der Merwe

Wayne Parnell -Currently playing for Kent

Dale Steyn

Morne Morkel
Yusuf Abdulla

Hashim Amla -Playing for Essex

Makhaya Ntini

Justin Ontong

Robin Peterson
Lonwabo Tsotsobe -recovering from knee surgery
Charl Langeveldt -recovering from shoulder injury

Vaughn van Jaarsveld
-Currently playing for Kent


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Wayne Parnell

Mark Boucher
(For the ladies)

Mark Boucher

Lasith Malinga

Jonty Rhodes

Herschelle Gibbs

Brendon McCullum

Just for fun

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Purna's top 10 reasons why Botha should be captain

1) Botha's already making fewer mistakes than Smithy did when he first started.

2) He is not egg-headed and is willing to learn.
3) CLEARLY takes his fitness seriously
4)He's not a tense tight ass on the field, which could spread a negative vibe in crunch situations.
5) He, along with ROFL gives SA hope that they have a chance in WC 2011.
6) He doesn't say 'Look' as often as Smithy...it's just so fucking annoying!
7) He can bat and bowl AND be a useful captain.
8) There are 18 Anti-Graeme clubs on FB as opposed to Botha's 5.
9) Graeme needed to break his hand to be a hero...Botha does it with his bowling :P
10) Botha has a smaller chin. It helps with the catching when the ball is close to the ground. I swear..ask Rhodes!

I found some videos I thought I'd share. The first one I dedicate to Missy & Morne-lover. The second is just some crazy Saffers and the last one is from last years CSA Golf day. (There is an interview with Bif, just for Purna. Did he say "ah, look" ?)

The less talked about

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In other cricket news.....

Wayne Parnell, has been signed by Kent for another five weeks during the domestic season. Parnell impressed with both ball and bat during his initial six-week stint with the county and was one of the best bowlers during the World Twenty20 in June. (*SA have you read..."impressed with both ball and bat")

"Wayne is very keen to get on with the job, he put a request in to come back and play county cricket," coach Simon Willis told BBC Radio Kent.

"He felt it improved his game immensely last time so he's keen to make an impression and hopefully that will start at the Oval...There has been a lot of interest from IPL and other countries, with regard to his services. The World Twenty20 certainly put Wayne Parnell on the map."(*It's about time!)

Parnell is expected to play Kent's Championship match against Surrey. He will be available for the Twenty20 Cup quarter-finals, three county championship games and a Pro40 match between July 10 and August 4. (*Yeah! Go Kent!)

Hashim Amla has saved the day by smashing a century for Essex.

Rudi Koertzen (60), South African cricket umpire, on Saturday made history when he became the first umpire to stand in 200 One-Day Internationals by umpiring in the second ODI between Ireland and Kenya in Dublin.

Commenting on his achievement, Koertzen said: "For someone who started umpiring very late in life, it is a huge personal achievement and a dream come true."It is really a great and satisfying feeling to achieve something as massive as this one.But this would not have been possible without the support, appreciation and well-wishes of so many people who have been big influences on my career...To begin with, I have to thank God for giving me the health and strength over all these years, then Brian Basson (operations manager, Cricket South Africa) who convinced me to hang in when the going was tough, Cricket South Africa for its blessings and lastly the ICC who provided me the wonderful opportunity to be part of our great sport and looking after me so well."


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Herschelle Gibbs

Morne Morkel

Luke Wright

Mark Boucher

Albie Morkel

Roelof van der Merwe

JP Duminy

Stu the Fairy

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Learning to fly...

AB answers

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Sports Illustrated had a little interview with AB de Villiers after he won the Standard Bank One-Day International Cricketer of the Year and SuperSport Fans' Cricketer of the Year Awards.

Favourite 20/20 shot?
"The straight drive."

Best innings in a 20/20 match?

"The best innings was my hundred (105 not out) against the Chennai Super Kings at Kingsmead in the Indian Premier League this year."

How do you prepare for a 20/20 game?

"I just prepare more mentally than anything else. I just make sure that I have got a creative mind walking out into the field.

And does it differ from ODI to 20/20?
"A little bit, there is a bit of a change in the mindset, but not much. You obviously got more time to structure your innings. I start off with stretching and then I will hit a few balls to get my eye in and then catch the ball to get used to the conditions out there and then I am ready. Like I said, cricket is more in the mind than anything else. So I do all my hard work before the match and then it is just a matter of getting your mind ready for the game."

Why did South Africa fail again on the big stage at the Twenty20 World Cup? Choking has been
thrown around, but was it just a case of the best team won on the day? "Ja, I thought we were the best team there and we are still the best side in the world I think, I believe. We played at 90% on the day instead of 100% and that’s sport. It was one of those things that happened. Unfortunately it was the semi-finals, but we have plenty of years to come and we have a very young squad. I know the next Twenty20 World Cup is next year again which is close, so hopefully we will be at full strength."

Why do you enjoy playing in the IPL?
"It’s fun! It’s exciting and there are big crowds. I just love playing 20/20 cricket – any form of cricket actually. The IPL was nice because it was over here this year. They put a lot of money into this tournament so it is always entertaining and exciting. So it is enj
oyable. "

Would you ever consider playing County cricket?
"Hmm (laugh), maybe after my international career. But at the moment I don’t really have time for that. For now it is no, but maybe after my international career.

Who did you spent most of your time with during
the IPL?
"I spent quite a bit of time with some of the Australian players in our team. Andrew McDonald, both our coaches were Australian, Dirk Nannes, David Warner and Daniel Vettori from New Zealand. All of us had a nice little group going there and then some of the Indian guys obviously also mingled with us. We just had a nice side and a good team spirit.

Where does 20/20 cricket rank in your mind? Do you think it is still third behind Tests and One-dayers?
"No! Test match cricket is still the biggest challenge for me. I enjoy all three forms of the game. But Test cricket is definitely the biggest challenge for a cricketer."

Do you think one-day cricket (or Tests) should be discarded for the more favourable 20/20 cricket?
"No, not at all. I love all forms of the game. You can’t get rid of any of the forms of the game. Test cricket for me is just the biggest challenge and if I could choose between a better Test record or 20/20 record I would rather have a better Test record. But I do love all three forms of the game. " Who is the most dangerous ODI player at the moment? "I think Johan Botha. He is an unbelievable player and has had a wonderful season and I think he is the best ODI player."

When are you going to turn your arm (bowl) in a limited overs match? You seem to do everything else well!
(Extended laugh) "Ja, I don’t think that is ever going to happen. I will see if I can talk to Graeme [Smith] on the field one day when we are out in the middle. I will ask for an over or two!"

You recently appeared on the cover of SI, saying
that you wanted to be the best Test batsman in the world. What improvements still need to be made for you to become the best limited overs batsman in the world? You are currently ranked sixth.
"I never ever said Test cricket. I want to be the best. But I think that every player starting off wants to be the best player in the world otherwise you shouldn’t be playing sport – you shouldn’t be playing at that level. So I did not say it in that way, but it came out that way and the media then turned it into that thing. But ja, I would love to be the best player in the world. I am going to work very hard to get there and do my best and if it comes off, so be it. I will be very happy. But I have a very long way to go and hopefully I can get very close one day or eve
n be the best player. "

20/20 cricket has prolonged the careers of many great ODI cricketers – Sanath Jayasuriya springs to mind. Can you see yourself playing until 40?
"No. Not to 40. There is no chance. I think there is more to life than just playing cricket for 25 years. I will definitely find the right time to retire. When I start my family I am definitely going to retire. I am not going to wait till I am 40. "

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
"Massive influence. I think Jonty Rhodes. From a very young age, I think I was six or seven, no actually eight years-old when I watched the 1992 World Cup and saw his run out. And I really loved him from that day on and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. When I met the guy and he worked with me, he definitely had the biggest influence on my career and he definitely did not disappoint. He is really an awesome person and we are good friends
now. And I feel privileged to actually know the guy. He was my hero and he’s still my hero. "

Describe the feeling of winning both the Standard Bank One-Day International Cricketer of the Year and the SuperSport Fans' Cricketer of the Year?

"I am obviously very proud. It is awesome winning an award like that. It is tough to be singled out and win the award when you know that it is a team game and will always be a team game. There are a lot of guys who did not get a mention, but who really performed outstandingly this year. So it is tough to be singled out individually, but I feel very pr
oud and honoured to get the award. It is good enough. But we had a good season like I said, but it was more a good season for the team and not the individual. So it is just a little silly thing to put up in my bar and just to have a look at one day. But I always remember that it is a team game."

CSA Golf Day

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Overall winners: Proteas AB de Villiers and his four ball, which included Kerri Laing (President of Womens Cricket), Paulette Scrooby (Budget) and Terry McGrath (MTN)

AB de Viliers for his four ball

JP Duminy for the closest pin at hole 15

Neil Mckenzie for the longest drive on hole 16

Morne Morkel for being best dressed

Clearly, there was someone who shouldn't be giving up cricket any time soon...
... *cough* Roelof van der Merwe *cough*....

Roelof & Johan answers

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Q & A with Roelof van der Merwe and Johan Botha. (Thanks Reebok for the heads up)

Johan, going back to the first time we spoke, you joked about maybe seeing two spinners in the SA team regularly, now it looks like you and Roelof might get that wish in T20 and even ODI’s, along with JP Duminy filling a role as well. Does it help having another spinner to bowl with and bounce ideas off?

J: "I think against Australia it has helped a lot. I think in Australia we struggled with only one spinner in the middle overs and coming back to South Africa its definitely helped having two."

R: "Yeah I think also looking at the IPL you see a lot of spinners bowling in tandem. There’s always the risk of a spinner travelling but having another option there is good. Taking the pace off the ball and trying to contain teams seems to be the way things are going, and its worked well in the IPL."

There are a number of different views of a spinner’s role in T20, especially in the IPL. Some have been used for containment, others for wickets and even as opening bowlers. How do you view the spinner’s role in T20?

R: "I think a spinner is still largely a containing bowler in the middle overs, say from overs 7 to 15. Some teams have used them successfully in the opening overs as wicket takers but I think generally to build pressure and get through the middle overs quickly."

J: "I think its is good to vary it every now and again, but I think whats worked for me personally in the past is to try contain the batsmen and build pressure and if you do that successfully it will lead to wickets."

Do you think the way spinners are used in T20 will impact how they are views in ODI’s?

J: "Umm, I don’t think One Day Internationals should have spinners in the first ten overs. You might in the sub-continent at times, I know I bowled a few overs between the 10th to 15th in the past when the wicket or situation allowed, especially if they’re under pressure or we’re under pressure. With these new power plays we already bowl a bit earlier than before. We tend to bowl around the 16th over whereas before it was around the 21st, so things have already changed a bit. You still play the situation on the day though."

R: "Yeah, good answer, I’ll go with that." (big grin)

Roelof answers

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Q & A with Roelof van der Merwe.

You’ve pretty much burst onto the scene recently Roelof, give us a bit of background to yourself?

"Yeah I think my cricket career basically started in U19’s with going to the World Cup. After that we came back and I sort of disappeared a bit for two years, then got back into it and started playing a few games with Northerns and played there for a good two/three years. I then got a chance with the Titans and found my feet again and haven’t looked back since."

I first noticed you in the Hong Kong sixes and one game in particular where you blasted away all comers with huge hits, and also had to bowl the last over defending only a few runs, taking two wickets and winning the game. Was that a turning point to your performances this year and how was that tournament?

"I think the Hong Kong sixes is more of a festival tournament. It is still competitive but its more fun. Even in a fun tournament like that though, if you perform and the right people see it, you get a chance somewhere else and things went well there and that had an impact on how I got afforded more opportunities."

You’ve had a fantastic domestic season, culminating in a call-up for the Proteas and a spot in the T20 World Cup squad. Was there anything different to what you did this season or did things just fall into place?

"I don’t think I changed much, I just kept playing well and improved my consistency and things started falling into place and I’ve been given my chance."

You’re a big hitter of the ball and have proved that in domestic cricket and in your international performances. However, when you’ve come on for the Proteas and also in the IPL you seem to want to bliksem every ball from the word go. Is that a case of hitting through some nerves or is it a role you’ve been given?

"I think in the IPL and for South Africa the role I’ve been given is to hit boundaries. In the IPL I tend to come in around number 8 or in the last two overs so you have to have a go. For South Africa I have come in around 5 or 6 with the intent to take the game forward. So my role is definitely to hit boundaries and its definitely something I enjoy doing."

I notice your birthday actually falls on New Year’s Eve. How do you handle that, just go big or do you ignore one and celebrate the other?

(wry smile and a nervous answer) "Yeah, its good to have my birthday on New Year’s. To be honest I haven’t seen my last few birthdays through to the end, what with being holidays and some good parties. So…um…yeah, its always fun."

Johan answers

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Q & A with Johan Botha. This is a very interesting read. His thoughts on being reported for chucking, his captaining skills and of course the Aussies....

Last time we spoke you had just started establishing yourself in the Proteas’ side, now you’re vice-captain, also one of the most successful captains when you have stood in recently, and one of the key players. Tell us about this progression over the last year or so?

"I haven’t actually done anything different, I’ve definitely become more consistent and that’s helped. Also as you get more into a team and feel more comfortable, people start to support you more and that helps a lot. You also tend to enjoy it more and that enjoyment is a huge factor that encourages you to contribute and be more involved. I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly and the team has also been doing well so its been great to be a part of it?"

You seem to have the wood on the Aussies, both in the bowling and the captaincy. Have there been any specific plans against them you can reveal?

"I don’t think I’ve done anything too special. Its more down to consistency and I’ve got crucial wickets early on in all my spells. Generally against Australia I’ve go t wickets in my 1st two or three overs and that’s stopped the batsmen from cracking on, which has really helped. Our fielding side has also been magnificent and that helps a spinner a lot to slow down the runs and create some real pressure."

You were initially called for chucking, worked through it, were cleared, established yourself, called again and now recently cleared. How difficult has this period been?

"I think the worst part is I was starting to get ready for the IPL, I was going to play for the Rajasthan Royals the whole tournament and it came at a very bad time, but I always say everything happens for a reason. I’m back now and I’ve been cleared, and only missed the first portion of the tournament."

Your action has been cleared, bar the Doosra. In all honesty how will that effect your variation and how often do you bowl it anyway?

"I haven’t bowled it much. I probably bowled two or three in the series against Australia here and in Australia I probably bowled around three. So, the whole series I probably bowled around five Doosras. I think I can still slip in the odd topspin or something in the games to come, so its not much of a problem."

Both times you’ve been called against the Aussies, and most bowlers that get called seem to be in games against Australia. There are quite a few conspiracy theories around this, is there any truth in these or is it just nonsense?

"When I got called recently I got an sms from someone that 11 guys have been called in world cricket and all 11 have been recorded Australia, so I think that says something. So I think India’s got the money power and Australia’s got the say in world cricket."

Obviously you’re quite fierce rivals on the field, but when it all comes down how is the vibe with them off the field?

"After every series we’ve always had a few drinks with them and the guys have been really good and we’ve always enjoyed chatting to them."

Hersch shows his tat

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...and his hairy belly...

PUMA vs Reebok

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For those who gives a shit.

As promised, I have delivered. Above is the dreaded Morne Morkel PUMA ad. Which is better? PUMA or Reebok?

You all should know by now that Reebok is the official kit supplier for South Africa. But PUMA has stolen a lot of Protea players by offering them a contract where the cricketers will wear PUMA footwear and full protection gear on field, as well as wear PUMA sportlifestyle ranges off the pitch.

In the IPL both PUMA and Reebok were suppliers of kits to different teams. Take a look at the uniforms which were produced. Above is PUMA's Rajasthan Royals outfit and below is Reebok's Royal Challengers Bangalore uniform. Not bad at all.

My question is what the hell happened to the Proteas' uniform. (Or should I say PJ's?) Finally the answer has arrived. The players themselves are to blame....

One cannot emphasise enough how important it is for the players to be comfortable in the testing conditions they often encounter on the Asian sub-continent and elsewhere."

Reebok went all out. They went as far as to have a tailor present to tailor each garment for individuals to ensure they were totally comfortable.The players felt that the most important factor was a lightweight, cool pant and shirt, especially when travelling to the sub continent and being exposed to some of the hottest playing conditions. Reebok worked closely with the team on this using strategic mesh panels as well as Reebok’s patented moisture management technology, Play Dry, to ensure the heat factor is taken care of.

All shirts and jerseys are made of updated stretch fabrics allowing for a lightweight, comfortable product that allows for excessive movement by the player while still keeping its slim fit, look and feel. Reebok worked closely with Reebok India who designed four of the eight IPL kits as these were primarily designed for the original conditions of India before the IPL moved to SA.

Albie signs with PUMA

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Albie Morkel has finally, signed a long-term contract with PUMA. He will be wearing PUMA footwear and full protection gear, as well as wear PUMA sportlifestyle ranges off the pitch. Now PUMA has both Morkel brothers on long-term contracts. Morne Morkel having signed a similar deal with PUMA in December 2008. He has joined some other Protea players, Herschelle Gibbs, Makhaya Ntini, Ashwell Prince, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, Robin Peterson and Neil McKenzie, who also associate themselves with PUMA.

We are extremely proud to welcome Albie to the PUMA family. His exceptional performances over the past seasons have certainly drawn our attention and we are excited to have him endorsed by PUMA. Albie will promote the Iridium cricket line,” says Brett Bellinger, Marketing Director PUMA South Africa.

Why couldn't PUMA be the Proteas' new kit supplier. Honestly, the Reeboks look terrible.

Golf pics & Random ROFL

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Clearly Jakes sucks, as usual.


"Ooh, yes, right there's the spot."
Roelof loves being scratched behind the ears.