JP Duminy Interview

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How do you view the chance to playing in the Champions League? 
It is a big tournament for me, especially considering that the third edition of IPL is going to be held in India. So I hope to build a sound platform for IPL by getting to know the sub-continent conditions through the Champions League. 

How different is playing in the CL from playing for the Mumbai Indians? 
It will be a new experience for me in terms of playing in India as we will be playing in front of a different sort of crowd. While playing for the Mumbai team I had a chance to interact with players from different parts of the world. But here I will be playing with the guys I have known for years. Whether it is for South Africa or Mumbai or for Cobras my aim is to help my team win.

You are a key player for Cobras. Does that put any pressure on you? 
Not really. I am not worried about expectations that people have from me. Obviously, it will be big challenge for me to play and excel in a tournament like the CLT20, but that is something I am eagerly waiting for. Here I have to adapt quickly to the sub-continent conditions as they differ from what we get in South Africa.  I really feel confident about the tournament and our chances in the Champions League.

Have you assessed your first opponents, the Royal Challengers Bangalore? 
Well, they definitely are a good side. That they were runners-up in the IPL shows their strength. They have some exceptional players in their ranks like Dravid and Kumble But Cobras are right up for the challenge.

Does the absence of Graeme Smith affect your chances? 
It will be tough to replace a guy like Graeme. But I feel we have enough depth in our ranks to seriously challenge our opponents. I think we have a very good skipper in Andrew Puckett who has good experience of the intricacies of T20 format. We just need to focus on our strengths and a good start will go a long way in boosting our chances in the CL. 

There is a lot of talk about T20 affecting the future of Tests and one-dayers. Your take? 
I feel Test cricket is going to stay no matter what. We have seen huge crowds in the Australia vs South Africa series in both the countries and the Ashes too draw a lot of viewers. So there will be crowd for good and tight contests. It (T20) might affect the one-dayers, unless the authorities come up with some modifications to the existing format. I guess it will need a special effort to keep the one-dayers going. 

Do you think playing in tournaments like CL will help South African domestic cricket? 
Oh yes. It will be a good experience for many guys in the team, especially the young ones who will get a hang of different conditions. But the process will take some time to come into full effect.


Poshin_david said...

I wonder wat he does in a T20 match.....he cant hit boundaries can he???

Purna said...

Why don't you ask the Mumbai Indians Chris :P.